Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Catch-up Time

I see that it has been a good while since our last blog! We must do better. A great deal of water has run under the bridge since our last communication, so we have much to tell all of you.

During the latter part of July Dad was very busy being in charge of security at the Junior High School for the Idaho Folk Dance and Music Festival. There were ten countries using the classrooms to store their costumes and musical instruments, and to change for performances. He spent over 40 hours there in one week! The countries represented included Belgium, China, Greece, Israel, India, Mexico, Russia Cossacks, Russia Siberia, France and USA. The Festival was a great asset for the community, and the dancers and musicians really enjoyed their visit to Southeast Idaho.

The first part of August we traveled with Mary Jane to Canada to visit Ralph and Fran and friends in Cardston. We were able to attend the Temple, visit Waterton, go to Lethbridge, and spend several days enjoying the quiet beauty of the Salt Ranch. Graham and Jennifer, along with their two daughters, Gabriel and Addison, came to the Ranch, and we had a good time visiting with them. When Mom and I went to Waterton, we did it as part of our celebration of our 42nd Wedding Anniversary. We even went to the home where we spent our honeymoon and had our picture taken. We also spent time at Cameron Lake. What a beautiful spot!

Each day Mom and Mary Jane would go for a walk up our down the road out at the Ranch. I would also walk the road, but usually a different direction or earlier in the morning. We all had to be careful and watch for bears, because there had been sightings. It was interesting to walk and constantly keep and eye out for large furry critters. It took a little of the fun out of it.

When we returned home, it was back to work as usual at the Temple, however things were a little slower, because most of the college students were gone.

Recently we received a letter from our Grandson, Elder Scott Boivie, and he was really excited about the great investigators they had found. Then we heard from his parents that all of a sudden, the investigators were missing appointments and not showing up for church. He was really upset and frustrated. Grandpa wrote him a letter that contains some good food for thought for all of us, so I am including some of his comments. "It literally breaks your heart when good people decide not to investigate or continue to investigate the Gospel. One thing I have learned is that a missionary's first responsibility is to warn the people. You are doing that. Don't lose sight of this important truth. Heavenly Father will determine your faithfulness, not by baptisms, but by how hard you work, how obedient you are and how courageous you are at bearing testimony of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are some Scriptures to help with this thought: D&C 88: 81-82 and D&C 84: 87-88."

With the above thought in mind, we want to encourage all of our loved ones to be diligent in all of your endeavors, whatever they may be. Something worth doing is worth doing right. Make sure you spend the proper amount of time and effort, so that you will be pleased with the end result, and have few, if any regrets. Give top priority to those things that affect your family, yourself and your spiritual well-being. You can always count on our support and help, and our daily prayers on your behalf.

Love, Mom and Dad

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