Monday, February 16, 2009

Missionary Report #1

Now that we are officially serving our mission at the Humanitarian Service Room in Rexburg, Idaho, we decided that we would keep you posted on our activities and share missionary experiences with the whole family. Humanitarian Service Rooms (HSR) provide opportunities for individuals and groups to serve the poor and the needy.

Last week we had a meeting with Kristi, the lady in charge of the the Humanitarian Service Rooms for the Church. It was very informative. She emphasized that our purpose is to provide service to local community organizations (finding out their needs and trying to help fill them), and to help provide items that the Church needs for distribution throughout the US and the world.

What is the difference between help and service? That is a question often asked. Here is what our manual says: "When we 'help' we inadvertently take away from people more than we could ever give them; we may diminish their self-esteem, their sense of worth, integrity and wholeness...When you 'help' someone, they owe you one. But 'serving' like healing is mutual. There is no debt. I am as served as the person I am serving. When I 'help' I have a feeling of satisfaction. When I 'serve' I have a feeling of gratitude. These are very different things...We can only 'serve' that to which we are profoundly connected, that which we are willing to touch." I found this explanation very enlightening.

Carol and I have been asked to become the next Coordinators of the HSR when the present Coordinators are released, so we have much to learn. Right now Grandpa has been asked to work with the Local School Board to see what needs the kindergarten classes may have and also if their are any students (any age) that do not have winter hats or scarves. This is turning out to be a fairly cold Winter. Grandma is learning how to supervise the activities at the HSR. Today she helped Sisters make soft toys and get hygiene kits put into boxes for shipping to Salt Lake City.

We love the opportunity of being Missionaries and serving in the HSR. As we close our note to all of you, here is a quote from President Joseph F. Smith that we have on our bulletin board at the HSR:

"Charity, or love, is the greatest principle in existence. If we can lend a helping hand to the oppressed, if we can aid those who are despondent and in sorrow, if we can uplift and ameliorate the condition of mankind, it is our mission to do it, it is an essential part of our religion to do it."

Love, Elder and Sister Boivie

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