Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Missionary Moments #3

This Week Grandpa is able to work the whole time with Grandma at the Humanitarian Service Room.He still has to watch and make sure his legs don't start to swell up. So far so good!

Things have been quite busy. Grandma helps get quilts ready to be sewn and Grandpas has started making cloth puppets. He and Grandma have both sewn some puppets. Now that we have all the puppet patterns made, volunteers are asked to either make puppets at home or to cut out and sew them at the HSR. Salt Lake has asked for a bunch of them.

The HSR is also filling a quota of school kits for Salt Lake. They have asked us for 1400 this month, and they are almost ready to ship. Tonight Grandma and Grandpa are working with volunteers from BYUI, and they will put together the rest of the school kits that are needed (hopefully).

Yesterday Grandpa went to the Madison District Library to work with them to get six portable book shelves made, so they can put them in satellite location around town for people who can't get to the library. As you can see we do lots of different kinds of things to help others in our community. That is what makes this missionary assignment so interesting and fun.

We love doing missionary work, and we know that this is what we should be doing. Please remember us in your prayers. We will be sure and mention you in ours.


Grandpa and Grandma Boivie

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