Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mom's first entry

Here is my first effort at putting in information. Previously I didn't know how to get in.
Well I have been a lone missionary at the Humanitarian Center for quite some time. We are getting prepared to do our March project of 1400 School Bags. I usually spend my time cutting them out and then other sisters come in and serge them and sew them together. It really takes awhile to cut them all out. Last week I think we had more than 32 baby quilts come in that sisters had tied at home. I also made patterns for 7 sizes of dresses for little girls (knit material with ribbed material around the neck and the sleeves.

People bring in a lot of fabric for us to use and I do a lot of sorting through and cutting things out for others to sew.

It is interesting the men who make cars (wooden toys) have started being quite creative. One has made some tankers, fire engines, ambulances and things like that. Airplanes trailers to go on the back of trucks etc. They are developing their skills.

I have been very impressed with the March Ensign as Dad and I do our scripture study we read articles from the Ensign each day. Please read it--I will tell you a couple of articles I was particularly moved by. One on how to teach your children to feel the spirit when they are young. I didn't have this because of my background and it has taken me most of my life to really recognize the Lord's hand in my life. But as President Monson mentions in the HT article in the beginning we must ask in faith that we will receive and answer--and we WILL. He gives examples Joseph Smith 15, etc.

I remember when you were all at home. It was night time and I heard someone crying, I got up to see what was the matter and Steven (10) was coming upstairs crying. I asked him what was the matter. He said, "It's true!"

I said, "What is true?"

His answer, "The Book of Mormon I have been praying and received an answer."

The Lord will answer any one of us if we ask in faith. He loves each of us as much as He loved Joseph, Nephi, Abraham etc. so if you are not receiving communication from the Lord ask yourself and Him what you need to do to have the answers you need.

Someone at Church mentioned today that a number of years ago Pres. Hinkley talked about the Pharoah giving Joseph the power to gather food (Seven years of plenty) for when there was none. Then about 7 years later he again mentioned this again and said we were in for 7 years of famine.

Be sure to gather slowly some of the means to carry you through these times that seem to be upon us now. Save some money, gather food storage as you can but take care of your needs as I don't think times will be easy for awhile and we have the ability to do something about it. This is also mentioned in an article.

Dad was able to go to church today and will try to take things easy and move into activity slowly. A nurse has told me what to look for if he has a blood clot break away and get to his lungs. I hope we don't have too many problems. Love all of you, from MOM

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