Sunday, June 28, 2009

Missionary Moments #4

Dear Family:

Mom and I have been very busy! Last month the HSR (Humanitarian Service Room) was asked by Salt Lake to furnish pallets of School Kits, and this month it was Newborn Kits. This takes a lot of inventory and planning. The kits are to be assembled by ward youth groups or BYUI students, so we have to set up times during the day or in the evening for people to come in and do the work. When the work is completed we end up with a pallets containing 480 to 490 kits. We usually commit to do two or three pallets during the month. We use an assembly line system for putting the kits together that works really well. Before the assembly can take place we have to order in the required items that go in the kits. These come from Salt Lake, via other parts of the world, like Pakistan, India and China. After the pallets are completed we shrink wrap them and send them to the Salt Lake Humanitarian Service Center. The Church sends them on to all parts of the world, depending on need.

We also continue making quilts (3 sizes), stuffed toys, wooden cars and blocks, hospital dolls,file folder games, school bags, baby blankets, layette gowns and much more! I have even learned how to use a sewing machine.

We love what we are doing, and we really appreciate the other Missionaries and all the Volunteers that come to help out. During a one month period the Church usually ships needed items to a dozen places around the world, this also includes the USA (even Utah).

If you ever have a change to volunteer to put together kits or help in some other way for the Humanitarian Program of the Church, we would really encourage you to do so.

Love, Mom and Dad